Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cell Groups

This year we started running cell groups in order to extend the ministry reach of the church. Every Wednesday, small groups of people gather in homes and in the church to worship and learn God's word. Once a month we also hold a church service with all the groups. The main focus of the cell groups is to encourage us to read and study the Bible beyond what is preached on Sundays, and to teach us the importance of sharing Christ with all the world. The cells are also way of bringing new members into the church as they provide a welcoming environment for us to invite friends and others who don't normally attend services. We began in April with 7 groups, and the response has been so great that this month 4 groups have started cell groups of their own.


Anonymous said...

4 new cells ... something to be pretty happy about. Cells groups can be a great place of spiritual bonding

Seedtime & Harvest Ministries said...

Yes, I've found that the smaller group size makes it easier to ask questions and learn. Also, we get to bond over dinner afterwards!