Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stephen's Visit to USA

Stephen will be making his annual visit to the States from October 15th through the second week of November. Please be in prayer as he prepares for his trip. If you would like to have him visit your congregation, you can contact him through

More Construction Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the construction that has been happening this week.
Mixing cement... Putting supports in place....
The supports are held in place by boards, wire, and blocks until the cement sets.

This week our goal is to start building the walls. We want to finish before winter starts and more rain comes. Last Sunday we had a wet afternoon service but our outside "church" was still full.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Construction Progress!

This week we have started to see measurable progress in the construction process. The main team of workers have made the basic supports for the building and are setting them in place. There is a ditch dug around the foundation and each pillar is held in place while cement is mixed and poured around it.

Please continue to be in prayer for this project. On Monday we found out that someone had been stealing material from the property and since then volunteers from the church have been camping out at night to guard the construction site. This coming week we plan to finish placing the supports and continue with the basic underpinnings of the building.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer Weekend

It was a great weekend for El Calor soccer! On Saturday the 3rd division team won 3-0 here in San Pedro, and the San Pedro 4th division team won 3-2, both playing against a team from Cuidad Juarez. Today our 4th division team based in Torreon won 3-0 and our Torreon-based 3rd division team won 1-0.

It's still early in the season and there is room for improvement in all the teams, but we are looking forward to another great season. With our newest 3rd division team, under the direction of a former El Calor player, there is even more opportunity to reach out to players and their families with the Gospel.

Please be in prayer for the El Calor organization, for the players and their coaches, and for Stephen and Marcela and the group of people who help run the teams. There are drivers, cooks, pastors, security people, team and technical assistants, in addition to the coaching staff and administration, and they are all necessary for the teams to function well. Please also pray for new sponsors for the teams - sponsorship is essential for the teams' survival, and this year has been a difficult year for fundraising. With your prayer partnership, you will help ensure the continuing impact of El Calor.