Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Today was the first day of school for most children and teens here in Mexico, and yesterday in the afternoon service we had a special time of prayer with about 70 students. Afterwards we gave out notebooks, pencils, calculators, markers, and backpacks so that everyone would be prepared for today.

70 students...two things come to mind when I see that number. First, wow. That's a lot of kids, and last night the church was absolutely packed. Which is good, but also bad if you come in late, unless you like standing...which brings me to a new but related topic: construction! We are planning to expand the current church building as we have not yet found a suitable piece of land to use for a new building. Also, we are planning to open a new church in Torreon, on the property that belongs to the rehab center there. So, as always when there are new projects on the go, we need two things: prayer and resources - prayer first, because that's how you get the resources, right? Please be in prayer as we plan these projects, that God will provide the money and people and supplies to see them through to completion, and that the church will continue to grow!

The second thing that comes to mind when I think about students are the ones we have living here on the property and being supported by the church and its ministers. We have one girl, a graduate of the Id Pues Bible school, who has entered nursing school, and 5 boys from El Calor who are from all over the country, who have come here to play on the team and are all in school, from secondary school to university. Some of them were Christians when they arrived, some have just come to accept Jesus in the short time they have been here, and some we are still waiting for, but please be in prayer for these students as well, that those who haven't accepted Jesus will do so, and that those who have will be strengthened in their walk with the Lord and be witnesses wherever they are - in school, on the playing field, or wherever God sends them.