Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

El Calor won their semifinal round yesterday and will play in the finals this Wednesday and Saturday. Later today we will find out where we will be traveling to. With this win El Calor moves up from Division 3 to Division 2. There are two levels of Division 2 soccer, 2A (Premier) and 2B (Talentos). The winner of the final goes up to 2A; the loser to 2B. Here's a (small) diagram to help visualize the organization of Mexican soccer:

  • 1st Division (comparable to the English Premiership, NHL, NFL, NBA etc.)
  • Division 1A 
  • Division 2A
  • Division 2B
  • 3rd Division

It's possible for a team to climb the ranks and arrive at 1st Division, and El Calor has now taken the first step. Thank you for your prayers throughout the season and the playoffs, but keep praying this week for the games that we will play and that we will be victorious this week. Today the national newspapers carried the story of El Calor's victory yesterday and all of them said: To God Be The Glory. The greatest goal of El Calor has always been this and to have it recognized throughout the country, and now it is coming true! Here are some links to videos from the game yesterday:

Goals yesterday:
End of game celebration:
Yahoo! news story (in Spanish):