Thursday, August 14, 2014

Missions Trip

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we sent the graduates of our Bible school on a 2-week missions trip. They spent the time in the state of Guerrero, in the town of Tenexpa. Here's a short testimony from one of the participants, Paty.

     We arrived in Tenexpa, and the only person we knew was Natali and her family (Natali came to know God through our youth camp several years ago). For the two weeks we were there we held a Vacation Bible School in the mornings and there was a great response from the people in the area. In the afternoons we went door to door sharing the Gospel. At night we had a cell group (home church) in Natali's house. 
     Something that surprised all of us was the hunger the people had to hear about God, especially the children. Every day they would look for us and ask us to read the Bible to them. On the last day of the trip we visited a family and every one of them accepted Jesus. 
   While we were in Tenexpa we found a church about 30 minutes away, and the pastor agreed to keep holding the weekly cell group to continue reaching the people in the area. 

We're so glad that we are starting to send out missionaries from TCL. We have been blessed over the years with many visits from many missionaries ourselves, and we are excited to see what opportunities we will have in the next little while to continue training and sending people throughout Mexico and the world.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goodbye to Donald and Becky Kamese

This month we had to say goodbye to Donald and Becky, as they are taking on a new ministry opportunity and expanding SHM to the state of San Luis Potosi. Donald has been with us in San Pedro since 2007 and has been active in village ministry and in training new missionaries. Becky joined us a year and a half ago and in addition to helping Donald has also worked with our young people, mentoring and encouraging them. We'll miss them very much, but we're excited to see what God will do through them in their new location. Please pray for them as they get settled in their new home and start the new project that God has given them.