Saturday, January 28, 2012

Street Ministry

Praise and worship with assistant pastor Jacob and youth leaders Carlos and Elisa
 This afternoon the youth of Templo Cristiano did some street ministry in a rougher part of San Pedro. We arrived at a small park in the middle of the neighbourhood which isn't used much any more. It used to be used heavily by children and young people but drug dealers started "recruiting" (kidnapping) people to help with their business, and so the space is now mostly deserted, especially after dark. We began with a praise song and then our drama team performed several skits.

 Our audience was small at first but it grew and included a fair number of children.
Getting a better view!
TCL Youth waiting to start the outreach

 We were there about 2 and a half hours, during which time the temperature dropped about 10 degrees! At the end of the outreach we had prayer for everyone who was there, but especially for the children who came.
2 audience members with David, one of our youth leaders

Enthusiastic despite the cold!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Donations and Offerings Update

This is just a quick post to remind you (or, if you're new to the blog, to inform you) about the different ways you can help support Seedtime and Harvest Ministries. All gifts are tax-deductible.

I'm happy to report that our PayPal account is functioning again for those of you who would prefer to donate that way. The button is at the top left of this page.

If you look on the left sidebar, there are addresses where you can send letters and support, but I will post them here as well:

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Thank you to everyone who supports this ministry both materially and through prayer.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Word

From Stephen.

As I was praying for direction for 2012 the Lord spoke this word to me. I sent it out to my pastoral counsel and they replied that I should send this out as a public word. Please consider it prayerfully.

The times of man are arbitrary and are not measured by My times. Even so, as you start this new year, remember I am the God over the times and the seasons and I hold the past and the future in my hands.
I spoke to you in 1999 and told you not to be afraid of the change of the millennium nor of the coming destruction. You were shown that I would pour out a final time of great prosperity for a short season to provide the opportunity for My church to finance the great harvesting of souls that are ripe unto harvest. My church by large spent their increase and blessing on themselves and not on what I had purposed for their blessing. They had the opportunity in their hands and did not take it.
As you were shown, after the short time of great abundance, there would come a time of even greater economic and social distress for an extended period of time. I have allowed this so that My church will learn to depend on Me and My direction, and not on their own wisdom and strength. I have allowed this to come to bring judgment upon men for their greed, their lack of compassion for the needy, and for their constant feeding of their evil desires. I have allowed this to come to cause men to seek My face and to turn from their wickedness, to repent, and to be healed.
Many have said that the solution to this time of distress is near but I say to you that it has only just begun. In the coming year and season the financial crisis shall become even worse and governments, institutions and great people who were thought to be unshakeable shall be brought down. Many shall look for the solution in politics, compromise and in strong men, but they shall not find it because the solution is in Me and not in anything or any system created by man. This is a time when the chaff shall be separated from the wheat.
Do not fear this time of distress for My hand shall be over My people as it was over Noah and his family in the ark and the children of Israel in the land of Goshen while they were in Egypt. They shall see what is happening and even feel some of the effects of the situation but the evil shall not come upon them. As they seek My face, walk in My path and obey my Word; they shall be blessed in the midst of crisis, they shall prosper in the time of distress, they shall arise and extend their tent stakes and do great things in times when men are afraid to even take one step forward. Above all they shall go forth in new power and might and take My Word to the nations and reap a great harvest for the time is short, the labourers few and the need is great.
This is a time when I shall teach My people to hear My voice with a clarity that they never had before. They shall learn to depend upon Me and not their own wisdom and strength.  As they learn to depend upon Me, they shall do new and mighty things and walk in the power and authority which I had predestined for them from the foundation of the earth. They shall walk without fear for their love for Me and My Word shall cast out all of their fear.
Do not fear what is happening or what is to come, for I have already said in My Word that these things must come to pass before the Son of Perdition is revealed. You shall walk in confidence as you cleave to Me and follow My direction. You shall preach My Word with a new power and anointing and shall prosper in whatever you put your hand to do, for I have called My church to be a light unto the nations and have destined an outpouring of My Spirit upon you in a new and mightier way in these last days.