Friday, September 27, 2013


Hi everyone! It's been a while (oops...), so I'll try to catch you up on what's been happening here in San Pedro.

  • El Calor: Getting ready for their 6th game this week and playing at home, which is the city of Gomez Palacio, about an hour from San Pedro. The team is 1-1-3 so far this season and we're looking for improvement as the team comes together and learns to play as a unit. About half of the team is staying here on the property, and we're continuing to see lives change as a result of God's love.
  • Celebrations: in the past month we've celebrated several baptisms, two weddings and September 16 (Independence Day here). We're also getting ready for Christmas....
Paloma and Karen

Festive Jell-o!

Stephen and one of our best soccer players....

  • Teaching: the English school is going strong and functioning, as always, as an outreach tool. We have started leadership training courses at the church during the week, as well as a Bible school, which we hope to turn into a fully-accredited course of study in the near future. Right now we have about 10 students who come together on Wednesday evenings to learn about the Bible and different aspects of ministry.
Please keep San Pedro in your prayers, as always. We're uniting with other churches in the area to pray for peace, and in a couple of weeks a prayer meeting is scheduled in Torreon with all the area churches; some estimates say that 10,000 people could gather to pray for safety and for God's presence to be felt here and all over the country. We know that the enemy reacts when we start to pray, so please join with us and pray for safety and for God's anointing to fall on San Pedro and the Laguna region.