Sunday, March 01, 2015

Update (now with pictures!)

Hi all! Here's a bit of what's happening in San Pedro....

El Calor are continuing to play in 2nd Division. They're in 8th place in their group (of 14) and on Saturday tied 1-1 playing here at home. Next week the team travels to Fresnillo, Zacatecas.

We had a baptism after the evening service today, a man whose family has been coming to the church for several years, and who finally made the decision to be baptized. God is starting to work among the men of the church, and they are planning a desert retreat later this month.

Our weekly kids' club, GeneraciĆ³n de Vida (G-VI) is still happening every Saturday from 10-12. We are keeping steady with about 25 kids attending weekly and we ask you to pray that God will show us how to increase that number, and provide workers and material as our numbers grow. This month the kids are having workshop sessions with a mechanic who is teaching them (and the teachers!) about how engines and vehicles work, and the kids' greatest hope is that they will be allowed to take something apart (a bike, a motor, a car....) as they learn more! We'll see......

Here are some pictures from our Friday night youth service. God moved the hearts of many of the young people who came and we were blessed with a time of prayer and healing.

Other prayer requests: Stephen is traveling in the States, so please keep him in your prayers. Marcela is visiting her mother in Tepic as she has taken a turn for the worse. And while we're in Tepic, Philip is traveling up to meet Stephen (more prayers for travel safety) and Vanessa and Lucy have continued to struggle with health issues. Please keep them all in your prayers.

One final note: some technical issues with pictures today but hopefully I will be able to upload them tomorrow or Tuesday!....Done! Well, some, anyway. If more come through I will post them!