Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Just a quick update for you as we're nearing the middle of another dusty, windy week here in San Pedro. This past weekend El Calor played their 9th game of this season and are still unbeaten, with a 2-1 win over Necaxa. They are in 3rd place overall in their group and will be traveling this weekend.

Starting lineup against Necaxa, March 22, 2014.

Our children's club, G-VI (GeneraciĆ³n de Vida) continues on Saturdays from 10am-1pm and is growing. We have at least 80 children attending each week, and this after a month of sessions.

Last Saturday, playing games in G-VI.
Please keep these ministries in prayer!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Last week we held two special events, a youth outreach in the village of Nueva Candelaria (NOT Candelaria, as we found out after heading down the wrong side road......) on Friday and a women's event at TCL on Saturday afternoon. In Nueva Candelaria we presented dramas and music, painted faces and handed out balloon animals to the children who came. At the women's event we had a time of fellowship with hairdressing, manicures and hand massages, as well as praise and worship and a message.

Mostly women and children attended the presentation.

An action song for the kids.

Youth drama team.

Face painting!


Watching dramas outside a local primary school.

 And some images from the women's event....


Professional hairstyling....

More manicures and hand massages.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

This week

Yesterday was another busy day in San Pedro. El Calor played and won 3-0 against Santos Mochis, and are in 2nd place in their group of 14. Next week the team travels to Guadalajara to take on the current #1 team.

Also, yesterday was the second week for our new children's club, G-VI (Generation of Life). We had another great turnout of over 50 kids who enjoyed sports, Bible stories and cooking class (cupcake decorating this week!). Please keep praying for the ministry team and the children who attend.

Upcoming Events
This week: On Friday the TCL youth group are planning another outreach to a local village with music, dramas, testimonies and ministry time. On Saturday we're holding a special women's event at the church, a mini spa day for any woman who would like to come and be pampered for a couple of hours (who wouldn't??) and also receive encouragement and prayer from the ladies of TCL.

April: Please keep our upcoming youth camp (April 14-17) in prayer as we are planning and preparing for the over 100 12-18 (and older!) young people who will be taking part.

May: On May 11, instead of our regular morning service, we will be heading downtown to do ministry in and around the town square. We have groups that will do face painting, music, prayer, car washing and in general minister to the people who we find.

Sunday, March 02, 2014


Good morning! Here's a quick update from San Pedro.

  • El Calor have begun the second half of the season and are at the top of their group with 3 wins, 3 ties and 0 losses. We are still praying and looking for partners who will join with us to keep this unique ministry running. This coming Saturday the team plays at home vs. Santos Mochis, the 2nd division branch of the local premier league team. 
  • Yesterday was the first day of our new children's ministry, Club G-VI (GeneraciĆ³n de Vida...Generation of Life Kids' Club). We had more than 50 children attend a mix of classes, workshops and games, and are hoping to see the numbers increase each week. The club runs on Saturdays from 10am-1pm.

  • Now that winter is over, the youth group has again started to go out and do evangelism in nearby towns. On Friday they visited San Francisco, about 20 minutes from San Pedro and presented dramas, music and the Gospel.