Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here is a testimony written by Marcela for this week's blog:

For the last several years, God has been enlarging the ministry here in San Pedro by giving us different ways to reach people for his kingdom. We starting receiving young people who are in need of help in many areas. Most of these young people come from very poor families – some of them don’t even have families – and the worst thing is that they have never heard of the love of God. Most of them are from different states of Mexico.
The material needs of these boys are so great that when they come here, most of them just come with 2 changes of clothes, a pair of sandals and no money at all.
At first this was really a challenge for us because once they come here, we have to provide everything for them – school, clothing, shoes, food etc. God has always being so faithful to us that now we don’t even question when a new child arrives because we know that we will see the glory of God in every need.
When they come here, we start to tell them about the love of God, and we let them know how important they are for God. Some of them do not know that they have a great value just for being a creation of God.
We have seen in a satisfactory way when the time for them to leave comes, they just don’t want to go. But then again we feel so proud to see that even being away they keep serving God and sharing the love of Jesus with their relatives.
Here is a little story of one of them.
Cesar came to live here for one year. When he arrived, the first thing he did was hang the image of the virgin of Guadalupe on the edge of his bed. When we saw that, we just let him be. We were waiting to act in the right moment in God’s timing.
We met together every day to eat, and also we had special meetings for Bible teaching. Little by little, we started to teach them about the truth of the Bible in every aspect. They asked questions and were so surprised when they realized they were not living in the truth of the word of God.
Cesar started reading the Bible, and getting to know more and more, and he would come to ask questions and so on. Soon after he knew more about the Bible and had been attending the church for a while, he decided to give his life to Jesus and to be baptized. Soon after that, he would come almost every day asking us if he could borrow the phone, and he literally spent hours on the phone sharing with his family the good news of the love of Jesus. He now is back in his house and he calls us every week. He found a church to attend and now he is going to this church and he has been counseling his family and now, they are going to church with him. We regularly hold cell groups in our house for the ones living here with us and also for the ones that were living with us but they are online. They know the cell group timing and get online and someone here is narrating every detail that is going on in the cell group and they are able to be with us, even though they are far away. Praise God for the “Online cell groups”.
Well, this is just a little something of the wonderful things that God has being doing here in the San Pedro ministry.
We really appreciate your prayers and financial support so God’s ministry can keep going.
Thank you from our hearts: Stephen and Marcela Tolman.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday Sale

This past Saturday we held another fundraising sale at the church. This week we made mole (mol-ay), a brown sauce made of anything and everything, including: chocolate, bananas, tomatoes, onion, jalapeƱo peppers, garlic, corn masa (all this in addition to the sauce base). Maybe it sounds strange, but it's delicious! It is served with chicken, rice and spaghetti.

The mole being made and boiled.

 The pots and pots of chicken, rice and spaghetti, made by the women of the church.

Filling the trays.

The final product! We sold 96 plates in total.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soccer Tryouts

This weekend we are holding soccer tryouts for the new El Calor season. On Friday and Saturday over 800 players came to try out and today we have 50 out of town players staying with us. Hopefully later this afternoon I will get some pictures to post, but for now please be in prayer for the players, coaches, and everyone involved in this ministry.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Saturday Sale

Every other Saturday we make and sell food to help with the church construction costs. This week we made and sold 125 plates of chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers) with rice, beans and salad.

Filling the plates...we filled these tables 3 times with plates!

The finished plates, waiting to be picked up.

The finished product!