Monday, November 05, 2007


Another week, another quick update from San Pedro...

  • Stephen left this morning on his last trip of the year, to Nashville, to minister at a church conference. Please pray for his safety as he travels and for God's blessing as he ministers.
  • The regular soccer season ended on Saturday with a 6-0 win for El Calor, leaving them with a record of 10-1-1. The team qualified for the playoffs, beginning this coming Saturday, in second place in their group and in 4th place nationally (out of 185 third-division teams). If they win the playoffs, the team will move up to Division 2 and open new opportunities for the players as well as new doors for ministry.
  • The students of the Id Pues missions school left early today for a week-long desert retreat. They will be spending four days camping, hiking, and deepening their relationship with God, and then will spend 3 days ministering in the nearby city of Monclova. Please pray for their safety and that their time will be blessed.