Monday, September 03, 2007

El Calor Home Opener

On Saturday night the El Calor soccer team played their first home game of the season. The season began two weeks ago, with the team traveling 12 hours out of state. Ideally, the team arrives an hour or so before the game to warm up and prepare, but this time the bus driver got lost and they arrived at the field 20 minutes before the game! Despite the unexpected delays and rush, and a battle against altitude sickness, the team won 1-0.

This week the team played in Torreon, as their own field is not ready yet. A group of young people from the church traveled down in the bus to cheer on the team, and we must have done something right because we won 8-0! The team has been training extremely hard for the last two months and their efforts are paying off. Please pray for continued success for the team, wisdom for the coaching staff as they train the boys mentally, physically, and spiritually, and resources to equip the players. El Calor is more than a sports team; it is a ministry, and as their motto says, in all things, "To God Be The Glory". (El Calor in red jerseys)

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