Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Student Profiles: Clementina & Maria Ramirez

Clementina (Clemen) and Maria literally live in one of the last houses in town. They are part of a family of 7 children, only 3 of which are still at home. Their mother was a prostitute and their father left the family when they were still young. They came to the church when Clemen broke her arm (see other blog) and her brother brought her to church for help. Stephen and Marcela raised money to pay for her surgery and eventually both girls and their brothers, Dany and Luis, accepted Christ and became involved in the church. Clemen and Maria still attend services faithfully and are part of the tambourine ministry, and Luis is a leader in the church.

Name: Clementina Ramirez Campos
Level: University
Age: 17

Clemen is attending nursing school in the nearby city of Francisco I. Madero. She is in class from 2pm-7pm every day and in her spare time takes care of the home and participates in church activities.

Name: Maria Rosario Ramirez Campos
Level: High School (Public)
Age: 16

Maria is in her second year of high school, and her goal is to become a gynecologist. She has studied English for several years in our English school and speaks the language very well. She cleans houses to earn money.

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