Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Student Profiles: Pedro Mejia

Over the next few weeks I will be posting short biographies of the students in our Sponsorship Program so that you can put names with faces and learn about the people you are supporting.

Name: Pedro Mejia
Level: University
Age: 19

Pedro is one of the first students to be helped through the Student Sponsorship Program. Shortly after beginning high school he had to stop studying and go work in Monterrey, a city 3 hours away from his home in San Pedro. When he came back, he was too old to re-enter high school, so through the sponsorship program he was enrolled in a private high school. He has worked very hard to earn his diploma and this year he is going to university in Torreon to study architecture. He will be working in the mornings and attending the school in the evenings. Pedro is very active in the church and is one of our regular worship leaders in Sunday services and in his cell group. He also plays the drums in the church's music group, Reflejo. Pedro is excited to have the chance to complete university, and he is a blessing to us here.

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