Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School

School started on Monday and dozens of children and teens from Templo Libertad have resumed their studies. There are many costs associated with school here and Stephen and Marcela help support several students in primary, secondary, high school, and university. Last year we created a Student Sponsorship Program and we would like to share with you the needs of the students involved in the program. Please pray and ask God how he can use you to help give these children and young adults a better future.

We have a complete package including student profiles, donation information, and frequently asked questions. I can't post the entire package, but here are the FAQ's. Please email me at if you would like me to send you the sponsorship package (as an Adobe Acrobat document)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the tuition prices for each student?
The Student Sponsorship Program places each student in a category according to their leve0l of schooling. Each category has its own cost per student. The amount will cover tuition, school supplies, and inscription fees for the students. (Note: The payments of schooling are for 10 months a year starting in August and continuing through June)

Elementary Students (Private School) – $50 / month ($500 / year)
Elementary Students (Public School)- $20 / month ($200 / year)
Middle School Students (Public School) - $30 / month ($300 / year)
High School Students (Private School) -$70 / month ($700 / year
High School Students (Public School) - $40 / month ($400 / year)
University Students- $400 / month ($4000 / year)

  • How are the students chosen for the program?
Each student is a member of the church in San Pedro, Templo Cristiano Libertad. The students are chosen for the program as a result of their financial situation and the desire they show to continue in their education.

  • How is the money managed?
The sponsorship donations are sent through an organization based out of Nashville, TN called Global Foundation. The money will then be transferred to the Student Sponsorship Program’s bank account and administered according to the needs of the students.

  • Will I receive a report about the progress of the students?
Every month, the Student Sponsorship Team will send out a newsletter to sponsors. The newsletter will include a stories and testimonies from our students. It will also include any needs or prayer requests for the program or for the student’s families.

  • Why is there the option for private or public school?
There are strict age limits in the public schooling system in Mexico. If a student passes the age limit, he or she must enter a private school to continue their education. Also, many of the private schools offer special programs or career studies that the public schools do not offer.

  • How do I start with the program?
You can start, by reading the profiles of our students. Please choose a student, print and fill out the attached form with your personal information, and send it in the same envelope with your first donation.

  • For all donations simply follow the steps:
1. All checks should be made out to “Global Foundation.”
2. Place Student Sponsorship Program in the memo line.

All Donations:
3. Place the check or cash in an envelope addressed to the Global Foundation office.

Global Foundation
PO BOX 58328
Nashville, TN 37205

4. You will receive a letter for proof of your donation to a non-profit organization.

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