Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Guerreros de Cristo

Warriors of Christ! This is the name of our revamped kids' club (formerly G-VI) that takes place on Saturday mornings. After a change of staff and leadership, we took some time off to restructure the club, and April 25 was our first day back. We held a party to celebrate Children's Day (a very, very big deal here!) and about 40 kids showed up....20 more than had been coming before the break. We had a Bible lesson courtesy of Marcela, games led by our games team, balloons, prizes, nachos and cupcakes. This past Saturday about 20 kids showed up (it was a long weekend; lots of people went away!) but we still had a great time. This coming week we will be dividing the kids into squadrons, appointing captains, and starting with lessons on God's armor. We want to prepare our kids to fight for God, for the truth and for what they believe in. Please keep this ministry in prayer, both for the children who come and for the amazing ministry team (primarily from our youth group) who give up their Saturday mornings to share God's love with kids who need it.

Open session April 25.

Games! Dodgeball....

Our balloon expert, hard at work making helmets and swords...

Nachos, cupcakes and jello.....yummy!

Goodie bags!

Musical chairs....

Some of our team who dressed up for Children's Day!

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