Tuesday, May 06, 2014

This week...

...and some of last week, too! Happy May, and just like every year, with the start of this month someone turns on a switch and it's HOT. Right now it looks like it wants to rain, but we'll see if it's water or dust that falls.

El Calor's season ended on Saturday with a 2-0 loss in Cancun in the first round of playoffs. One of the players suffered a broken leg and was operated on but is recovering well. Please keep praying for the team and this ministry over the summer; the boys are still here training and we are still hoping to find some partners to help with the expenses in the coming season.

In Cancun attending to our player with a fractured leg.
  Club G-VI celebrated Children's Day on Saturday (Children's Day is a big deal here, lots of games, candy (sometimes for the adults, too!)). We had a good turnout, and the kids had a break from their regular classes and enjoyed games and fellowship.

Minute to win it activities - wrap someone in toilet paper without it tearing - easier said than done!
Desserts! Cupcakes and Jello cake.

We're getting ready for a special outreach service in 2 weeks. Our Sunday morning service will be held in the main plaza downtown, and we are preparing groups to minister in different ways to the people we find throughout the morning.

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