Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Another rainy day here in San Pedro, which thankfully has brought some relief from the heat! We're getting ready for our evangelism Sunday, where we will be spending several hours in the plaza downtown instead of holding our regular morning service. We have different groups with different activities planned, including prayer, making balloon animals, hand massages, giving out flowers and washing cars - anything we can do to interest people in hearing the Gospel. I'll be posting pictures likely on Monday or Tuesday.

I'd like to share briefly a need and a prayer request. Stephen needs some dental work done; one of his front teeth fell out suddenly and we are praying for $2800 to replace it and to take care of other work that needs to be done as well. Thanks first and foremost for your prayers, and if anyone feels led to give an offering, it can be sent through the PayPal link on this page or through regular mail at the addresses on the left sidebar. I'll keep you updated (and maybe Stephen will let me post a picture....or maybe not!).

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