Monday, June 03, 2013

Women's Conference, Youth Service, Baptisms....

As I mentioned in the last post, last Friday we held our first ever women's meeting at TCL. The event was attended by about 70 women from TCL, other local churches and guests. We had a time of worship, a special drama and Marcela shared a thought-provoking message about arrows (keeping with the theme of women as God's arrows). We are planning another conference in the next few months and are aiming for it to be an all-day event. Here are a few pictures (sorry about the lighting, or lack thereof, and the angles - there really were more women there than there appear to be!).

Before service.
Watching a drama.
Prayer after message.

Last Saturday was the joint youth service, also a first for TCL as host. About 80 young people came to the service. TCL's music group ministered and the message was given by Donald, whom many of you will know.

Donald preaching.

About 80 young people attended.

TCL youth drama team.
Finally, over the weekend we had 3 more baptisms (could it be the heat making everyone want to have a turn in the baptismal tank??) and tonight (Monday) we started a new session of doctrine classes for new believers. As always, thank you for your prayers; we are seeing the results of them every day.

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