Monday, May 27, 2013

Upcoming in San Pedro

This week we have two events happening in Templo Cristiano Libertad. On Friday evening we are holding our first ever women's conference, which we are hoping will become an annual or biannual event. The theme is (and I cannot, for the life of me, memorize it....) "Mujeres: Saetas en manos de Dios" which, translated, means, "Women: Arrows in the Hand of God".

The second event is on Saturday, and it is a city-wide youth service, which happens every two months or so, and this time it's TCL's turn to host. Please keep these two events in prayer, asking God for good attendance and that many lives will be touched.

Also, in July Marcos Witt will be giving a concert in Tepic, and Elisa will be opening for him (here's a link to the Facebook event page:; something else to be in prayer for!

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