Friday, January 22, 2010

Destiny Missions Conference and Haiti Relief

On Thursday we returned from this year's missions conference at Destiny Church in San Antonio. The conference was a blessing to all of us who went and we would like to thank everyone at Destiny for the time and effort that went into the week, and for their hospitality and kindness to us.

The situation in Haiti was definitely a topic of conversation and prayer during the conference, and we were challenged to take action and do something to help. To that end we are sending two nurses from our church to Haiti to serve there. One is a nursing student and the other just graduated and is a registered nurse. They are leaving tomorrow night for Mexico City where they will be until Wednesday, organizing supplies and applying for paperwork. God provided the money for their plane tickets, and at tonight's service there was an outpouring of generosity from the church and they are leaving with all their needs met. Please be in prayer for them as they travel and minister in Haiti: pray for safety, for strength, for a supernatural ability to communicate (they both speak Spanish and some English, but no French), and pray that God will use them to bring his Word to Haiti.

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RagamuffinLife said...

I love the stuff you are doing! You should look for me on twitter @ragamuffinLife. We are the first online missions organization!