Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Student Sponsorship 2008-2009

Continuing with our students for 2008-2009, here are our secondary students and high school students who need your help! There are 5 secondary students (at $25/month) and one high school student (at $30/month) who you can support, with donations going toward inscription and registration fees, clothing, books, and supplies.

Secondary School

Jesus Mejia: Jesus is one of three brothers whose father committed suicide several years ago. His mother is raising all three boys in the church, and Jesus is a testimony to his classmates.

Xochitl: Xochitl (pronounced "Zochil") is a new member of our church but is active in the youth group and is growing in her faith.

Peter Tolman: Peter is in his second year of secondary school and is making a great effort to continue earning top grades.

Karen Lopez: Karen is the oldest of four children in her family, three of which are in the Student Sponsorship Program. She is active in youth activities in the church and serves Jesus joyfully.

Marely Lopez: Marely just entered secondary school and is one of the hardest-working students we know. She is also an excellent soccer player.

High School

Maria Rosario Ramirez Campos: Maria is in her last year of high school and hopes to attend university to study gynecology. She is one of 8 children in a single-parent family.

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