Thursday, October 16, 2008

Student Sponsorship 2008-2009

For several years we have organized a Student Sponsorship Program here in San Pedro to aid children, youth, and young adults achieve their educational goals. There are many families who can't afford some or all of the costs associated with schooling, and we ask that you help these brothers and sisters by giving their children a brighter future. Here are our primary-level students this year:
  • Laura Vazquez Rivera: Laura is one of 3 sisters from a very poor family who recently started attending our church. She is very sweet and inquisitive and always ready to help, even at her young age.
  • Dulce Vazquez Rivera: Dulce is Laura's sister and she just entered school this fall. She always accompanies her parents when they come to church activities and when they work around the property.
  • Poncho: Poncho is a new member of our church and attends faithfully every week along with his older sister. He is a hard worker and does his best in his school.
  • Willy Lopez: Willy enjoys attending children's events in the church. He has learning difficulties but will work through them with help from God and the church family.
  • Pedro Castellanos: Pedro has been in the church all of his life, as his mother is a church leader and part of the worship team. He just turned 8 and is learning to work hard in his school.
  • David Mejia: David lives with his grandmother, after both his parents left several years ago without explanation. He attends church faithfully and is an excellent soccer player.
For $20/month you can help one of these children work through primary school. Your offering will be used to pay enrolment fees, school uniforms, and supplies. Write to if you would like more information or would like to help. Offerings can be sent as normal giving, but please designate "Student Sponsorship: Name of Child".
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