Monday, April 18, 2016

Update from Paty, TCL's missionary to the Philippines

Our missionary to the Philippines, Paty, has sent another update. I'm including it as JPEG files for those of you who would like to download it in Spanish. Here is a translated summary of what she shares with us:

During the first half of the month of March, I (Paty) was still working in the city of Cagayán de Oro, together with members of the local church, Jesus for All, in a neighborhood called Puerto. Here we held Bible studies with children and youth, and I was surprised to see how God is moving and changing the hearts of these young people. Some of them have now started attending church regularly.

I've moved to the city of Malaybalay, where I was supposed to have been working since the start of my time here. I'm living with four other missionaries although we are packed like sardines in our tiny apartment, we have become friends, especially two of them who are the same age as me. In this city I am helping two pastors: Pastor Rodney, who on Wednesdays and Thursdays has a youth discipleship and leadership teaching group; and Pastor Richard, who works with former gang members to reach those who are still in the gangs. They have a farm they work to sustain themselves and to provide food for street children. I will be helping teach and disciple the children and young people who are with both pastors.

On March 21 we began a trip to various remote tribal communities. The first day it took 5 hours in a bus and another 40 minutes by motorcycle to reach the village where we would stay for 2 days, and then we traveled another hour by bus to the next community. In each place we met with the leaders and elders of the tribes, ate together and explored the area to understand the living conditions. We also shared a little about the Gospel and the importance of living in peace according to the Bible.

Paty will be back in Mexico in May, but she is eager for her next trip. Please pray for her as she continues to work in the Philippines and as she seeks guidance for her next missionary trip.

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