Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Happy April

It's April! We're getting ready for the switch to Daylight Savings Time this weekend (I know, a month behind the rest of the continent...). We're also gearing up for our youth camp from April 14-17 (15 hours a day of running! yelling! playing! competing! and very little sleep....).

This past weekend El Calor traveled to Guadalajara and won 2-1 against Atlas, bringing their season total to 6 wins, 4 ties and 0 losses. They're in 2nd place in their group and are guaranteed a place in the playoffs, which are coming up in May.

Post-game prayer in Guadalajara.
Club G-VI had another successful session on Saturday (in spite of heavy winds and dust. Lots and lots of dust). We're planning a special event for Children's Day at the end of the month and are hoping to invite all the parents to see what their children are learning and doing each week.
Aslan and Club GV-I kids waiting to go to their classes.

Very happy with his craft!
Please...no pictures!
Explaining a group competition.

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