Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Some information and prayer requests

...because that's what the blog is for! I mentioned in a recent post that we've started a rehab/support group for people with addictions and social problems. As an extension of this ministry, which is focused on adults, we are creating a live-in group for children and youth struggling with addictions. We have rented a nearby house and already have 3 members; one is only 16 and has fathered 2 children, in addition to having addiction problems. We ask for your prayers for these young people and for those who will continue to arrive. The person who was in charge of this outreach has had to leave San Pedro unexpectedly, so we are looking for someone to take on this role as leader and counselor. Please be in prayer for this person also; we don't know who it will be yet but we know that God is preparing the right one to minister to these children.

Last weekend municipal elections were held throughout Coahuila. In the run-up to the election, Marcela and Stephen were asked to support a local candidate and participate as PRD members in San Pedro. They were unable to do so but Elisa took the opportunity to become involved, as it has long been a goal to have Christians involved in local government. Her party didn't win the election but she is in place as a party representative and we are hoping that God will use her to help turn the San Pedro government to the Lord.

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