Sunday, March 17, 2013


Just a few quick notes from this week in San Pedro:

  • El Calor played in San Pedro yesterday and unfortunately lost 2-1. Next week the team is traveling to Michoacán.
  • After the game our youth group went to a nearby neighbourhood and did street evangelism and dramas, their first outing of the new year with more to come!
  • This week we will be getting ready for our annual youth camp (see previous post)
  • We're glad to have Stephen back after two weeks spent traveling and ministering in the States.
Please keep the soccer ministry and upcoming camp in your prayers. As well, please keep praying for David and Elizabeth; for those of you who don't know, Elizabeth had a fall last week and broke her leg, and this has added to an already-difficult situation. Also keep Philip and his family in your prayers as they have had the responsibility of caring for David and Elizabeth throughout this time.

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