Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ministries and Christmas Preparations

Tonight we had our second leaders' meeting this month, with the leaders of the different ministries of Templo Cristiano Libertad discussing the progress of their respective areas and plans for the holiday season and the new year. 

One of the biggest areas of growth is that of children's ministries, which has been put in charge of one of the newer sisters in the church. Right now the children are preparing to present dramas at the Christmas posada, which will be December 20.

As a church, we are preparing our annual offering of blankets, which we collect and distribute to the needy both in and outside of the church. We are aiming to help at least 50 families this year; for those of you who don't know San Pedro, yes, it gets really cold! 

A new ministry in TCL is part of compassion ministries, and involves taking food to our local hospitals (there are 4 in San Pedro) to distribute to the people who are there caring for sick relatives and friends. At the same time we minister to these people with the Word of God and prayer.

Another ministry which has been going on for several months now is "OperaciĆ³n Canasta" or "Operation Basket". In the church are two baskets that are filled each week with non-perishable food and grocery items and then distributed to those in need. We are mainly reaching older couples who have been abandoned by their families and are unable to work, and who completely depend on this ministry.

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