Sunday, August 05, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

I have been talking to Stephen and Marcela today and we are up against an important deadline for the El Calor soccer ministry. Overall, we need $40,000 for the upcoming soccer season. Our main sponsor in Mexico has been sold and is putting its support on hold, and several deals that were in the works have fallen through. Tomorrow we have to pay the inscription fee for the team, which is $20,000. Please be in prayer today and throughout the next few days for this specific need. If we aren't able to make the payment then there will not be a team. It is an important ministry and we have already been seeing results this year; last week a coach from one of the 3rd Division teams that played against us contacted Stephen, saying that he wanted to become a Christian and asking if he could be discipled. Thanks to everyone who prays regularly for this ministry. I'll be keeping you posted this week as I hear news.

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