Monday, July 02, 2012

Dedication of Templo Cristiano Libertad

This past Saturday and Sunday we held special dedication services for the new church building. We had visitors from all over Mexico as well as from the U.S., and we enjoyed special music, presentations and fellowship. Here are a few pictures of the Sunday evening service; hopefully I will have some more pictures to post later in the week.

Stephen and Brother Walt before the service

Ribbon to be cut...
Stephen speaking to the congregation before the ribbon-cutting.

One ribbon down thanks to Stephen and Marcela....

The second, thanks to Brother Walt and Sister Vicky

The congregation entering after the ribbons have been cut

Tambourines, flags and musicians during the worship service


Prayer of dedication

A full church during the service

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Lois Tolman Chamberlain said...

Congratulations & Blessings ! What a wonderful group of pictures.
I'm sure the founder of Seedtime, and my brother could not have had a better way to celebrate his milestone birthday.