Monday, November 16, 2009


Today was a holiday here in Mexico and we held a one-day mini youth camp. About 50 young people came and participated in a full day of games, team competitions, sports, and worship. There was a relay race, dodgeball, girls and boys soccer tournaments, and volleyball. Several new youth came for the event as well as some of our El Calor players. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

A warm-up with some action songs!

A game involving a lot of pushing, pulling, and falling...


And finally, a disgusting game where you try to blow a tubeful of the most awful goop (Coke, raw eggs, water, hot chiles, and who knows what else) out of your opponent's end of the tube before they do it to you...may the strongest lungs win!

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omalois said...

Looks like a very successful and fun youth day camp.