Friday, July 10, 2009

A Divine Vocation

A group of people at Templo Cristiano Libertad are reading through the Bible in one year, using the "Every Day With Jesus" Bible, which includes short devotionals and prayers after each reading. Today the New Testament reading was from Acts 11, where Peter talks to the Christians in Jerusalem after having gone to preach at Cornelius's house and seeing them receive the Holy Spirit. At first they couldn't believe that Gentiles had received the same gift as they had, but Peter replies, "...if God gave them the same gift that he also gave to us when we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, how could I possibly hinder God?" (Acts 11:17). In the devotional that follows, the author notes that on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit fell on all 120 who were in the upper room, not just on the 12 apostles. What does this mean for us? Well, you could argue that the 12 were more special than the others, as they had walked with Jesus and received special teaching and ministry, but the fact that the Holy Spirit fell on everyone in the room meant that there are no special requirements, no special positions, no role that is more important than another in the Kingdom of God. The author continues by stating that this realization "might enable us to regain a sense of mission in life." Often we think that pastors, missionaries, church leaders, etc. must be more holy or must have a higher calling than "ordinary Christians" but as the coming of the Holy Spirit shows us, this isn't true at all. As Christians and recipients of the Spirit of God when we accept him into our lives, we all are called to be holy, no matter where we are or what we do. The devotional ends with a prayer thanking God for his gift of the Holy Spirit and for the opportunity that each one of us has to "live out my life where [God] has placed me, with a sense of divine vocation."

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Mexico Nana said...

An excellent blog, Steph, and a real reminder that the calling and vocation of Jesus is for all who will accept and there are no favorites - we all enter by the same Door (Jesus) - and He has the same privileges and disciplines for all of us.