Friday, May 01, 2009

Youth Camp 2009

Our 2009 youth camp took place from April 7-10 over Easter vacation. I wasn't able to attend, so today we have a special guest blogger...Paul Ellsworth! Here is a short account of the camp from his perspective.
I have lived in Mexico for four years now, and something that has always confused me is the lack of organized events with other churches. Many churches are private and do not seem interested in socializing with each other. Every year our church really breaks the mold by inviting youth from all churches and denominations to our spring break camp, and this year, many churches responded.

Camp this year was incredible!! It was the most amazing, most fun, and most tiring camp that I have been to (although it was well worth it). Everyday, there were several activities, Bible lessons, sports, games, workshops, and a service every night. It was great to see churches respond to the invitation and send their youth to camp. There were also quite a few unbelievers at the camp. God moved strongly in the services. Everyone received a personal touch from our amazing Lord.

My personal favorite aspect of the camp actually happened afterward. Most camps that I have been a part of in the past were excellent, but the week afterward, everyone starts falling back into the routine of life. God answered our prayers, and many of the youth who were at the camp have kept coming to church and have filled the front seats. It just goes to show that Jesus can do more than we ask or imagine and when he does a miracle in someone's life, he doesn't do a temporary job. That is exactly what we were praying for at camp: lives that would be changed forever.
You can link to pictures from the camp here:

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