Friday, February 13, 2009

Urgent Need: Refrigerator

Some good news and some less-good news: first, our children's breakfast program is expanding, which is great! What's not so good is that we are out of storage space for the food we buy every Friday. Since we prepare everything the night before, it all has to be refrigerated until Saturday morning, and with our numbers pushing 200, our current fridge isn't near big enough: it's math time!

On the left you see our fridge, which is the size of an average lawn chair (at right of fridge), and on the right is a picture of all the supplies we will be taking to the breakfasts tomorrow. The pew which the food is on seats about 8 people, so being good mathematicians we will convert pews to lawn chairs and say that we are trying to fit 8 lawn chairs of food into 1 lawn chair of space.

Result: 8 lawn chairs of food / 1 lawn chair of space = time for a big new fridge!

With about $1000 we could buy a large fridge and possibly a small, separate freezer. This is an urgent and important need because we see an increasing number of children every week. We don't want to run the risk of a child becoming sick from an improperly stored item of food; not only would it physically endanger the people we are trying to help, it would also damage our testimony in the area. Please pray that God will meet this need in the coming week, and please contact me at if you are interested in donating toward this important ministry.

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